Our lighting design consultants are passionate about bringing the "art" to this science. By working closely with architects, and owners, together we can highlight and accentuate the unique details and perspectives of your architectural designs,...well after the sun goes down.


Ideally, a landscape lighting designer should be brought in early in schematic design process. The earlier you bring a lighting consultant in on your design meetings, the more cohesive the architecture and lighting synergy will be. If the lighting design consultant is brought in later in the design process, the more the lighting system will look and feel like an afterthought, thus compromising your designs.


At InVista Lighting Design, our consulting services are tailored to each job, from a simple assessment of plans to a full lighting design system, complete with fixture specifications and CAD drawings. In our full lighting design engagements, we work with the client early in the project to understand their goals and objectives, simultaneously coordinating with the design team to integrate those ideas into a beautiful and functional design.

Why Choose InVista?

  • A commitment to exceeding your expectations
  • Partner with us and offer your clients lighting systems to showcase your designs at night.
  • Full range of services from lighting assessments, to full system designs, complete with fixture specs and CAD drawings.
  • Expert design services
  • and...We return our messages!