Specialty Fixtures

The traditional type of landscape lighting fixtures, such as path/area lights, spot lights, and in-grade well lights, are often used by a lighting designer to illuminate and bring light to specific areas of a front or back yard property. Now a lighting designer can draw upon a range of specialty fixtures which can become focal points in their own light. (pun intended)


Decorative bollard light fixtures are eye-catching luminairies, beautiful day and night. When lit, the tower projects a compelling and intricate pattern of light and shadow. Bollards are available in various patterns and in multiple heights from 17" - 80".  They also make an elegant statement along a driveway entrance or a pathway leading to your front door.

InVista Lighting Design can include low-voltage bollards in your lighting scenes as unique focal points.


Making their way onto the market, are a number of estate-sized luminaires. This particular fixture by AMP (in photo) features charming scrollwork and bold embellishments. At night, light shines through the designs to create a compelling pattern of light and shadow. Perfect for larger homes and properties. Taller than 34" with a more robust (thicker) stem than the typical path/area light.

InVista Lighting Design can include low-voltage specialty luminaires in your lighting scenes as unique focal points.

Glass ORBS

NightOrbs  - handcrafted glass globes add a distinctive look and mood to any landscape environment, patio, water feature, or walkway.


These eight-inch glass globes, which come in  beautiful color combinations, are 1/4" thick, providing strength and durability withstanding weather conditions.


Not to mention, they immediately become the star attraction of your landscaped property, both day and night!

InVista Lighting Design can include low-voltage glass orb fixture in your lighting scenes as unique focal points.

Tiki Torch Fixtures

This Polynesian-themed area light, contains both flame (fueled by a citronella oil reservoir) and light (from a LED bulb located under the shade). In addition to functioning as an effective area light, this fixture also functions as an insect repellent - keeping away those evening insects. In our lighting designs, we've typically position these fixtures around the edges of decks, docks and patios.

InVista Lighting Design often includes these low-voltage tiki torch fixtures around backyard patios

Hanging LightS

If you happen to have a tree branch hang over your deck, or a backyard walkway that weaves its way between trees, then you have the ideal location for a low-voltage hanging light fixture. This attention-grabbing light fixture can be ordered with naturalistic (artificial) flower options.


InVista has also converted deck and garden ornaments into glowing light fixtures, as evidenced by the two glass lanterns below.

InVista Lighting Design can include low-voltage glass hanging light fixture in your lighting scenes as unique focal points.


A common adage in the lighting industry is "...see the light, and not the source". When lighting fixtures are poorly placed, a viewer can be blinded by unsightly glare. Once the fixture is properly aimed and glare is shielded from the viewer, it's common for a spotlight or well light to be plainly visible in the middle of a landscape bed.


These one-of-kind "rock" fixtures from Lifetime Lighting Systems, allow the lighting designer to hide (up to 3) fixtures in plain sight.

Be sure to inquire at InVista Lighitng on how we can integrate these discrete fixtures into your lighting design.