Types of Lighting

Halogen bulbs have been the standard in low-voltage landscape lighting systems for quite some time. Improvements and advancements in LED lighting technology has now posed an interesting dilemma for the consumer to decide.

Halogen or LED?


These bulbs are low voltage and offer clean, warm, bright light for outdoor use. They will consume more power (watts) than LEDs and generate a significant amount of heat. And as with most incandescent bulbs, they have a limited life span and will require more frequent replacement than LED bulbs.


LED bulbs/fixtures are the other compelling choice in landscape lighting. With the recent advancements in LED technology, now low-voltage LED landscape lighting offers the same warm light and soft color as halogen lighting. LED lighting is low maintenance and eco-friendly, but is a bit pricier than their halogen counterparts.


Aesthetically, it can be tough to tell the difference. The type of bulb you ultimately use in your fixtures will be determined by the budget you allocate to your lighting project — including how much maintenance you’re able to tolerate.