Landscape Professionals

As homeowners and business owners seek to spend more attention (and money) on their landscapes, the use of landscape lighting is increasing. As a result, more landscape professionals are incorporating lighting systems into their designs. But the best news about this trend is that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

We'd love to talk to you on how low-voltage landscape lighting can extend your service offering AND add to your bottom line!

Below you will find some key points on why it makes sense to integrate low-voltage lighting systems with your landscape designs.

  • Landscape lighting is gaining acceptance and prospective clients are very receptive for ways to extend the use of their properties.
  • Lighting systems provide an easy up-sell opportunity on every project. You're already installing shrubs, trees, and specimen plants. Lighting is an easy add-on. That special specimen planting justifies the lighting, and the lighting justifies the plantings!
  • Landscapers are most successful selling lighting with their initial landscape designs, rather than adding them to existing landscapes
  • There was a time when sprinkler systems weren't installed with every landscape job, they usually are. Lighting is following a similar course. Landscape lighting is getting closer to the point where it will be standard on every job.

Now's the time to forge a strong alliance with a top-notch lighting design firm - InVista Lighting Design.

Why Partner with InVista?

  • Offer your clients lighting systems to showcase your landscape designs at night.
  • Convenience of choosing the partnership model that makes sense for you (on each project)
    • referral fee
    • subcontract the lighting to InVista
    • or work together on a project:
      • InVista will design, present, and install the system
      • your crew will trench and run wire
  • Prompt response
  • Expert design services