In today's competitive real estate industry, it has become increasingly important for Realtors to differentiate and set themselves apart! This is evidenced by the increased number of homes on the market AND Realtors eager to sell them! How do you stand apart from the rest of the field? Can you offering something that your competition has missed? Yes, you can. While many realtors are staging can "stage" the exterior of the home with landscape lighting, and needn't worry about prospects driving by your listing before dark!

Landscape Lighting is an excellent way to showcase your listings, while your competitors' homes remain hidden in the dark!

Our low-voltage lighting systems will:

  • Provide prospective buyers the added convenience of "shopping at night"
  • Add elegance in the evening - which will boost the curbside appeal of your listings!
  • Direct attention to architectural details, shrubbery, pathways, and grand entrance-ways.
  • Provide a heightened sense of security as dark spots are illuminated,
  • Improve the evening ambiance of your showcase listings, as your clients approach the home and walk the properties. 

Why Partner with InVista?

  • Light-up that listing, it's easier than you think.
  • Direct hire or refer clients: Profitable alliance terms
  • Expert design services
  • Experienced project management
  • and...we return your calls!