Founded by John Iozzia, InVista Lighting Design is a professional services firm providing design and installation services of low voltage landscape lighting systems since 2005. InVista Lighting Design is committed to combining an old-world work-ethic with prompt and professional service level honed in the corporate business world.


The goal of the firm is to become and remain a preeminent provider of low voltage landscape lighting design. In a hectic business climate where today’s tradesmen have adopted a “relaxed” attitude towards customer service, punctuality, and communications; InVista will provide you a heightened level of service, similar to what you may have experienced in today's professional corporate world. What does this mean to you? We have been in "your shoes" across the table from service providers. We've managed projects, budgets, and operations staff, as well. We know and understand the importance of open communication, being detail oriented, and a job well-done.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Unlike many landscape or irrigation providers who offer landscape lighting as an “add-on” service; Landscape Lighting is all we do! Designing and Planning a landscape lighting system to deliver consistent results and reliability from project to project requires a uniform approach based on proven techniques, processes, and experience. At InVista Lighting Design we employ the InVista Method to ensure this uniform approach.


The expert staff at InVista Lighting Design is committed to delivering a smooth, worry-free project experience with the aim of leaving you enthusiastically satisfied! At InVista, we are passionate about lighting design. Contact us to discuss how we can transform your night-time property into a sight to be seen!